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We are a cyber security community established in Qatar since 2021​

founded by cybersecurity experts 

Our mission is and has always been to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of conferences. We create opportunities to present, and discuss various security topics ranging from defensive to offensive cyber security. We deliver on this promise by supporting high quality cyber security education and thought leadership.

White Hat Desert run events throughout the year under two different formats – CTF and CON. An adrenaline driven, desert driving combined with security challenges (WHD CTF) and immersive event focused on latest security trends (WHD CON).

While every WHD event is unique, here are some things that don’t change:​

•    Provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants​

•    Community organized, volunteer driven, and corporate funded​

•    Provide a forum to expanding the spectrum of conversation beyond traditional office space​

•    Focused on giving a voice to the community in search of “next big thing”

"Some thing never change"



We conduct vendor-neutral, community-powered cyber security events. Our goal is to broaden the conversation on cyber security beyond the confines of a conference room. We promote a collaborative environment in which professionals can not only present but also actively participate. Our conferences are immersive events that include conversations, demonstrations, and dynamic participant interactions, and they serve as the incubator for tomorrow's game-changing ideas. Furthermore, our cybersecurity village has a variety of programs that include hands-on training, workshops, and in-depth demos on a variety of relevant issues.


In the vast expanse of the arid desert, adventurers are not just on a quest for water or shelter; they're on the hunt for a digital treasure. Capture the Flag, a game once limited to computer screens and virtual spaces, has evolved. The challenge now melds the digital world with the physical. Participants must first identify vulnerabilities in a specially crafted web application. Their prize for breaching the system? GPS coordinates, revealing the location of the elusive flag deep within the desert's heart. But cracking the code is just the first leg of the journey. Armed with the coordinates, teams must then go in 4x4 vehicles, battling the relentless sun and shifting sands, to claim their prize. As tires spin and computer hacking tools churn the results, this Capture the Flag contest proves that in the modern age, adventure knows no bounds.

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