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White Hat Desert villages sit at the heart of our conference. The objective of the villages is to present and share hands-on experience with participants through immersive sessions hosted by industry experts in both defensive and offensive cyber security. Villages are not only the place to immerse yourself in new and groundbreaking research but also to network with fellow cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts, creating valuable connections in this dynamic field.

AI meets Cyber Security

Welcome to the AI in Cyber Village, where the future of security meets the limitless potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here, you'll immerse yourself in an exciting fusion of cybersecurity and AI/ML innovation.


AI and ML are revolutionizing threat hunting, detection, incident response, and vulnerability assessment, ensuring a safer digital landscape which can monitor at any scale. Starting from basics understanding of data through variable analysis to advanced behavior analysis, anomaly detection and profiling.

Machine learning can help improve the speed and accuracy of threat detection.

PyPi Malware Analysis

KillChain – Where we hunt malicious PyPi packages.


This village track is all about supply chain security, where we discuss the techniques to stay ahead of supply chain vulnerabilities specifically concerning about the malicious packages being downloaded by the developers to develop the code.


In this village, we cover the Selenium Packages where we do static analysis as well as dynamic analysis of the package which were reported to PyPi Team for removal. The techniques used in the package to make it difficult for the developers to find the malicious code.

Advanced Disk Forensics: Surpassing Conventional Tool Capabilities

In the world of digital forensics, the analysis of disks is crucial for uncovering valuable information and insights that can aid in various security investigations. Traditional tools provide a foundation for analysing digital media, but they often fall short of revealing the complete picture.

This session will delve deeper into disk analysis techniques that transcend the limitations of standard tools; learn how to extract more data from disks, and uncover hidden details to gain a more thorough understanding of the systems under examination.

The event is for anyone looking to elevate their disk forensic analysis skills and unlock new levels of insight that can be critical for security investigations.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drone) Exploitation

This workshop aims to provide the audience with a baseline knowledge of the components of an Unmanned Aerial System, challenge their perception of “what is a drone” and the current challenges on the application of forensic techniques on the field. During this time the audience will understand the current usage of drones and their impact and the reason why forensics or technical exploitation could be employed to extract critical information from the devices on the system. Participants are highly encouraged to bring their own laptop (any OS) during this session (and maybe a few extra power extensions).

Packets Never Lie

Embark on a journey into the realm of network packet analysis, where you'll uncover concealed data packet details, equipping you to identify and pinpoint malicious behaviors. This endeavor entails the skillful use of cutting-edge tools, facilitating thorough examinations of network traffic and empowering you to protect your digital environment against potential threats."

Adversarial Emulation & Proactive Defence

Dive into our intensive cybersecurity workshop where you'll learn to scan for and fortify against exploits in unsecured services like Kafka, Redis, Memcached, and Cassandra. Understand the correlation between microservices and their associated technologies, and master over 50 protocols to identify organizational vulnerabilities. This hands-on session empowers you to automate the detection and reporting of security breaches, and to proactively strengthen your infrastructure. Equip yourself with advanced exploit knowledge to identify and mitigate potential tech stack weaknesses effectively. Join us for a session that transcends basic script usage and lays the groundwork for robust cybersecurity defence.

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