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WHD CTF 2024

WHD is back for its phenomenal 3rd year!


We invite you to immerse yourself in a world where hacking transcends mere keystrokes. It's about orienteering, mastering the dunes, and surviving the desert's challenges.


Each dune presents a new obstacle to conquer, turning the desert into an exhilarating playground. Test your wits and endurance in the captivating sport of orienteering, navigating fused with hacking.

This event is more than a mere gathering; it's a celebration of talent, bravery, and the spirit of adventure.

Do you possess the courage, the skill, the passion?

Are you ready to prove you have what it takes?

All you need is

and then select your challenge

General Cyber Security

Featuring challenges across all IT domains with a twist of security. Ideal for IT aficionados and newcomers to the cyber world alike. 

Incident Response

Designed to simulate real-world cybersecurity incidents, you will be analyzing, and mitigating cyber threats. This challenge is a must-attend for aspiring and experienced incident responders.

Pen Testing

Designed for the elite red teamers, pen testers, and cyber ninjas. This is all out dumping, cracking, stuffing and much more.

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